PIC Number 903870445
Organization ID (OID) E10181241 
Full legal name (Latin characters) MOSAIC POLITISMOS & DIMIOURGIKOTITA - KOINSEP
Acronym MOSAIC
National ID  – Registration Number 000114103041
Department (if applicable) Not Applicable
Address Ermou 112
Country Greece
Region Western Greece
P.O. Box
Post code 26225
City Patras
Telephone 1 +306973243646
Telephone 2 +302611810516


Staff Rates

Personnel Daily Rate 150



Type of Organisation Small and medium sized enterprise (Social Enterprise)
Is the partner organisation a public body? NO
Is the partner organisation a non-profit? NO


Legal Representative
Title Mr.
Gender Male
First Name George
Family Name Sarlis
Position Director
Telephone 1 +302611810516


Contact Person
Title Mr.
Gender Male
First Name George
Family Name Sarlis
Position Director
Telephone 1 +30 6973243646
Secondary Contact Person
Title Mr.
Gender Male
First Name Andreas
Family Name Tsiliras
Position Co-founder – Project Manager
Telephone 1 +302611810516

Background and Experience:

Details / Brief Presentation of the organization:

MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity is a Social Enterprise established in Patras, Greece in 2018.

Since then, the organisation supports Cultural and Social innovation and Creativity by mentoring and guiding creative ideas and projects, entrepreneurs, start-ups, artists, creators and young people, generating meaningful synergies between the grassroot organisations, local stakeholders the public and private sector.


Their mission is to promote Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) in Greece, to empower Creative Organisations increasing their entrepreneurial and extroversion mentality and to study and monitor the contribution of CCS to local development, the economy and social cohesion.


In May of 2021, MOSAIC moved to a brand-new venue/hub, offering a unique space for collaboration, building an open community of creative individuals, professionals, and start-ups from different cultural backgrounds.


During the last five years, MOSAIC, designed and developed a range of services and activities addressed to the Cultural and Creative Organizations, the Artists and the Civil Society stakeholders, taking into consideration intercultural engagement, gender balance and multidisciplinary interconnections.



MOSAIC provides personalized guidance and counselling, developing, improving and transforming early-stage concepts and initial ideas, into high-innovation and social impact business ventures, giving them the conditions for extroversion and international synergies.


MOSAIC organise and host various training and capacity activities, focusing on Cultural Management, Entrepreneurship and Creative Economy. Seminars, Workshops, Masterclasses, Summer-Schools, based on participatory planning and having transnational dimension and participation, are on the monthly schedule.


MOSAIC provides high quality Consulting and Surveying Services related to Cultural Management, Strategic Planning, Mapping and exploitation of the local Creative Economy for both Local Government and Public Organizations as well as for cultural organizations and private sector groups.


Studies and surveys regarding current issues and trends for creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and developments in the arts and culture sector, identifying and highlighting opportunities at regional and national level and proposing sustainable and viable policies and strategies. We map out the potential and dynamics of each industry and transfer ideas and good practices from other areas or countries.


Recently, MOSAIC became an associate member in one of the most important European Networks of cultural centres, the Trans Europe Halles - TEH, having a dynamic and creative collaboration with more than 120 creative venues, theatres, creative hubs, across Europe.

They are also an active member in DIESIS network one of the widest networks specialised in supporting the development of the social economy and social entrepreneurship and also in the b.Creative network, a global network for cultural and creative entrepreneurs fostering the creative sector economy and tackling socio-economic challenges.

Their intense international networking gives Mosaic the benefit to be in the forefront of the European innovation ecosystem for creativity and culture and to interact with distinguished and pioneer organisations in Europe.

What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for the [...] project?
What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in the [...] project?:

MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity is cooperating with major public and private entities and institutes in Greece being able to demonstrate important achievements and results.


Recently, MOSAIC has been one of the Managing organisations of the “Achaia Creative Hub”, established under the Creative@Hubs Project (INTRREG GR-IT Programme), a flagship Capitalization Project involving the Regions of Western Greece, Epirus and Ionian Island from Greece and the Apulia Region in Italy, providing the Deputy Manager and the Training Manager executives


MOSAIC has been commissioned by the Region of Western Greece, under the EU funded project SPARC - Interreg GR-IT, and successfully delivered a detailed mapping survey - context analysis of the Culture and Creative Sector in the Western Greece including a detailed training needs assessment. It is the first Regional Mapping Survey for the entrepreneurial dimension of CCS in Greece which gives MOSAIC the opportunity to have a detailed and exhaustive knowledge of the sector in the Region.


In 2020, MOSAIC implemented the Creative Atelier, an incubator scheme that support young people, local artists or early-stage entrepreneurs, to develop their projects, creative start-ups, products and enterprises.  In addition, during 2021, we have been commissioned by the Patras Science Park in the framework of CREATURES project  (Interreg ADRION), MOSAIC developed and implemented, a Joint Acceleration Programme targeted at CCI-related SMEs and start-ups of Adriatic Ionian regions.


For three years, MOSAIC was a partner of the Hellenic Open University, being a Major Sponsor in the “Entrepreneurship Innovation Contest”, offering mentoring and counselling to the winning start-ups coming from the field of Culture.


During 2021, MOSAIC has successfully completed a number of research and needs analysis surveys on different ERASMUS projects.

Expertise and Skills of the Key staff:

MOSAIC  team consists of a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals, covering different aspects of the Creative sector. Our main project team consist of:


GEORGE SARLIS (Mr.) / Co-Founder

George is a Cultural Manager (MSc), EU and International Relations Expert (BA & MSc), and Consultant on EU Funding Initiatives and Grants.

He has gained extensive experience in Local Authorities and governance in Greece. For almost a decade he was working as a Project Coordinator at Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning and Development – ADEP SA (2004 – 2010) and then he was the Mayor’s Consultant on Development Issues at Patras Municipality (2011-2013). As an EU Project consultant he had been involved in a wide range of projects and initiatives both in the implementation process as a coordinator or a team member and in development of proposals and application procedures.


ANDREAS TSILIRAS (Mr.) / Co-Founder  

Andreas is a Cultural Manager (Msc). He graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Patras in Greece, he has completed postgraduate studies in Environmental Sciences (University of Patras) and in Cultural Units Management (Hellenic Open University).

Since 1992, he has been active in media and adult education. From 1998 to date, he is the editor of “To Donti” publications (The Tooth).

Since 2004 he is working professionally in the management and implementation of national and European projects in the fields of culture, communication and environmental awareness.


TONIA SATOU (Mrs.) / Project Manager

Tonia is a Project Manager in cultural sector and a Certified Translator (GR/EN/FR/IT). Tonia graduated from the Ionian University and the Department of Foreign Languages Translation & Interpreting in 2017. After that, she completed her MA at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (2019), in European & International Studies.

She has worked as a trainee translator for the European Commission and as a museum guide. She has been certified on Digital Marketing.



Alexandra Panagopoulou is a journalist. Her main area of interest is culture. She studied at the Patras Public Vocational Training Institute at the Department of Journalism for Editors and Reporters.

Since 1999, she has had a continuous presence in the media. She has worked in newspapers, magazines, news portals and radio stations in Patras as a cultural editor and columnist. Since 2011 she is a member of the Association of Editors of Daily Newspapers of Peloponnese - Epirus - Islands.

Projects participated in last 3 years

Projects participated in last 3 years
Year Programme Agreement Number Organisation Title of project
2020 ERASMUS+ (KA204) 2020-1-AT01-KA204-078073 Akademie für Politische Bildung und Demokratiefördernde Maßnahmen (AT) PACT - Political Activism & Critical Thinking
2020 ERASMUS+ (KA204) 2020-1-SE01-KA204-077799 Stiftelsen Drivhuset Göteborg (SE) CreatEU - Entrepreneurship Up-skilling Education for Creatives
2020 ERASMUS+ (KA227) 2020-1-IT03-KA227-020563 Centro Interculturale Artistico Siciliano - La Guilla (ΙΤ) YOuth workers USing Theatre Augmenting cReativity
2020 ERASMUS+ (KA227) 2020-1-PL01-KA227- 095748 Instytut Pracy i Edukacji (PL) Creative at Home
2021 ERASMUS+ (KA220) 2020-1-FR01-KA220-030040 Occitanie en scene (FR) CoopAnimArt
2021 ERASMUS+ (KA220) 2021-1-ES02-KA220- 028869 Asociation Cultural Integra (ES) Podcast Empléate en Cultura
2021 ERASMUS+ (KA220) 2021-1-IT03-KA220-028911 Associazione InCo-Molfetta APS (IT) 360° Entrepreneurial Learning Experience
2022 Creative Europe 101099999 Association Slow Tourism LIM4ALL – Living and Innovative Museum for all
2023 ERASMUS+ 2022- 2-EL01-KA210-097246 MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity (GR) ETERNAL - Using Theatre Techniquesto enhance European Values for the Elderly
2023 Creative Europe 101131895 Fundación Banco Santander CreaSus - Sustainability Business Models for Cultural and Creative Industries
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